About HotKnives

Owner, Gary Nicely has thirteen years experience working for Michael Weinig and 20 years selling industrial woodworking machinery, having worked with many manufacturers producing mouldings, doors and windows, cabinetry, furniture, displays, flooring, and whiskey and wine barrels. His Hot Knives Team, including grown sons, Kelly and Scott, will expertly address your moulder and shaper knife needs.

Hot Knives exists for one reason: to meet all of your moulder and shaper knife needs. That’s the whole, simple story of Hot Knives. We offer you expert knowledge, professional service and advice – if you need it – and accurate, high-quality knives that perform beautifully…..first time, every time. As a Hot Knives Customer, your knife needs and your made-to-order knives get our complete focused, expert attention so your knives are:

  • received on time
  • accurate to your profile
  • correct to your machine’s parameters
  • provide a high-quality finish on your wood

We employ a shop full of powerful, high-tech equipment to perform just one task – make your knives. One order at a time, many orders each day. At Hot Knives, knives are all we do.  No sawblades. No router bits. No braized-tip cutters. Just what we refer to as “loose knives”. Our specialized focus, focus, focus makes us the best choice to supply your moulder and shaper knives.

Hot Knives is a lean, mean knife-making machine.

Yeah, we know that‘s a terribly corny cliche…..but it’s true! Can’t say it any better. Hot Knives has produced thousands of moulder and shaper knife sets. And we’re proud to say our customers love their knives, our service…..and us….and they keep coming back – for which we are especially grateful. We work on your knife order today, for the promise of your return business tomorrow. We want you as a Valued Hot Knives Customer and we demonstrate that.

Your total satisfaction is our ultimate goal with every knife we make.

All of our processing is performed in-house for maximum versatility, response capability, and quality control. For the first five years in business, Hot Knives worked with an outside partner company performing the waterjet cutting. Time and time again, it was evident that Hot Knives could never be the quality, reliable moulder and shaper knife source for our customers that we had the desire and potential to be under that arrangement. We had to become self-sufficient. So we set up our shop with our own equipment. Since then, our customer list and our business has climbed steadily. We are the solid, reliable knife service we knew we would be.

We utilize a CNC abrasive-waterjet for profile-cutting all high-speed steel knives, CNC profile grinder for finishing most all HSS and carbide knives, CNC wire-EDM for cutting carbide and specialty knives, two Weinig profile knife grinders, and a CNC template maker.

We recycle all knife steel and shop scrap, corrugated cardboard boxes and all everyday waste like office paper, and plastic and glass containers.

We are very grateful to our customers who return time after time. We are honored to lend a little bit to your success. We take your reliance and trust in us to supply the tooling you need to service your customers, very seriously. And we honor that by working hard for you on your knife orders and striving to be the best knife service of your choice. We realize, when you do business with Hot Knives, you chose us from other companies. We’re always mindful that you have a choice.

Remember, we provide a FREE UPS 2nd Day Air upgrade
on finish-ground knife orders over $150.00 net.