Belsaw / Woodmaster / Jet / Grizzly / Powermatic Moulder Knives

Sets of three knives or single knives – we have a variety of knife steels available to best suit your job.

Our moulder knives are premium quality to give you the highest-grade finish on your wood.

Precision-ground M2 high-speed steel 3-knife set. Click to enlarge image.

Be assured our 3-knife sets are a precision set of three. That might seem like an overly basic statement, but we hear from some customers that 3-knife sets they’ve gotten elsewhere cut poorly and produce a lousy finish. That means you’ll be wasting a lot of valuable time sanding. What a waste! Wasted money on poor knives and a greater waste of somebody’s time to sand. It can be avoided!

We are familiar with some of these knives, who makes them and who sells them, and know they are only waterjet-cut on the profiling edge. It’s hard to believe that these moulder knives are sold as finished knives! Unbelievable.That knife maker is taking a huge shortcut. They are not finish-ground, which is the only way waterjet-cut moulder knives can be guaranteed to be exact matches to each other. Even the best waterjet-cutting can only “rough-out” the knives. They can come off the waterjet very close to a match. You’ve heard it said “close works for hand grenades,” but it doesn’t work for moulder knife multi-knife sets if you want a quality finish on your wood. It takes the step of performing a quality finish-grind to make them a precision set of three. That’s Hot Knives knives.

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Get the best for your money! Why settle for less?

We are eager to give you a quick cost quote. Please give us a call at (800) 854-5772 or (314) 963-3322. We’re at your service.

Remember, we provide a FREE UPS 2nd Day Air upgrade
on finish-ground knife orders over $150.00 net.