Corrugated Moulder Knives

Order semi-finished (profiled waterjet-cut) or finish-ground (ready-to-run) corrugated moulder knives.


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What we can do for you:

Front knife is finish-ground. Rear knife is semi-finished (waterjet-cut) with all of the rough-grinding eliminated - you apply an easy, light finish grind in just minutes. One set or ten sets, these knives save valuable time, are cost-effective and smart. Click to enlarge image.

Semi-finished knives are cost-effective. Many companies still think that owning a knife grinder and grinding their moulder knives from blank steel is the most economical way to acquire new knives. Well….it probably is not. At one time, it definitely was. It’s not the case anymore.

The easy, cost-effective availability of our pre-profiled moulder knives totally changes the cost analysis of grinding knives in-house from blank steel. We have this down to a science, so to speak, and our “science” makes this made-to-order service greatly favorable for you.

It’s cost effective and it really streamlines grinding room-to-moulder efficiency. That’s worth repeating: Semi-finished knives for your toolroom greatly streamlines grinder-to-moulder efficiency. You’re making money when your moulder is running wood, not when your knife grinder is running using up 54-grit grinding wheels and good labor. We’ve never had anybody say to us “Man, we make good money grinding knives.” Your profit is realized when the finished wood’s going out the door to your customer.

Your Semi-finished moulder knives are cut “fresh” when you order them, any special way you want with any special requirement. We have no extra charges for “custom” production or “custom” design. 100% of our knives are designed in CAD and made-to-order – while we’re in CAD, we’ll design them for you. We know you need your knives quickly so we cut and ship your order FAST.

Waterjet-cut “roughed-out” knives are accurately cut to your profile taking into account your specific cutterhead hook-angle in the knife geometry. On your own knife grinder apply a light, even, quick finish-grind in literally minutes. Only grind until you have an adequate finish grind land. You don’t have to apply a grind across the entire waterjet-cut back bevel. Just get a finished land at the cutting edge. Easy.

We have cut thousands of sets of these knives which have saved companies many hundreds – even thousands – of hours in the grinding room. Our waterjet-cut knives finish up very nicely and quickly using a 220-grit CBN grinding wheel – vitrified wheels perform equally as well. A typical finish-grind might remove .007-.012” of additional steel – a couple passes over the knives. And at $9.75/inch per knife, they are very cost-effective compared to rough-grinding from blank steel. We offer and stock CBN wheels at very good prices.

We cut the profiled side of the knife at a 42° bevel (from vertical referencing the waterjet nozzle) behind the cutting edge (equates to approximately 23° back-clearance grind on a grinder). If you haven’t tried these knives, you should order at least one set to see just how easy moulder knives can be! If you grind new knives from blank steel on a regular basis, we suggest ordering your next ten sets of knives as waterjet-cut semi-finished knives. Many times just one set of trial knives won’t deliver the full, broader view of benefits to be realized in your knife-grinding operation. After a number of sets, the benefits are more easily identifiable and obvious. You’re not risking any of your valuable financial assets – dollars – as the cost of our Semi-finished knives is very competitive to your in-house costs anyway, if not less costly.

Hot Knives was the first and only knife service in North America to offer waterjet-cut profiled moulder knives over ten years ago. After working in the field for Weinig moulders and grinders for thirteen years, it was apparent to Hot Knives owner Gary Nicely that there was help needed in toolrooms grinding knives. Companies owning a profile knife grinder could be self-sufficient and grind all of their own knives, keeping a stock of expensive bars of steel on hand. But hours and hours of non-skilled, mindless rough-grinding seemed very wasteful of the valuable skilled labor of the guy usually doing the grinding. Not to mention the boredom and monotony of the task. Let’s face it….hoggin’ out steel is grunt work. Our powerful CNC-abrasive waterjet will do that grunt work for you.

In many shops the guy doing the grinding also performs other more valuable duties. It’s the finish-grind that really requires his skill and learned technique. So, how to save your valuable grinder operator’s time rough-grinding knife steel? Simple answer. Order the knives Semi-finished from Hot Knives. Let your guy apply his good finish-grind. This is real easy!

Got a moulding order for a new profile and you need to make the knives? Don’t hand the profile to your grinding room; hand it to Hot Knives and let us take care of it for you.

We will quickly send your grinding room a grinding template and a set of profiled knives ready for finish-grinding. Your knife grinder starts already 90% completed. The finish-grind takes just a few minutes – literally. Moulder knives don’t get any easier and faster than this!

Our standard knife steel is Wisconsin Knife Works M2, with higher grades available as your application dictates: WKW M3, Black Nitride, V3, and performance-coated steels V3-Diamond, DGK and Endurance +SR. Ask for a recommendation for your application if you’re unsure. Carbide knives are also available.


Finish-ground - Click to enlarge image.

Super-high quality knives will cut a superior finish on your wood. After we waterjet-cut them, knives are finish-ground on a 6,000 lb. $150,000 CNC profile grinder using a 220-grit CBN wheel. They are excellent. Balanced to within at least 1/10th of a gram. Mount them up in your head – and run! No manual grinder – maybe with a superstar grinderman – can produce the edge you get on our moulder knives. Customers have said just that…..many, many times. Prices start at $16.00/inch per knife for Wisconsin Knife Works M2 HSS for any width up to 2-1/2” (approx. 1-1/8” depth of profile). Compare that price to other knife services for 2-1/2” wide knives.
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on finish-ground knife orders over $150.00 net.